Pro Comedian Reveals The Specific, Gritty Details On How To Totally KILL IT On Stage!

I practice what I preach... Here's PROOF!

  • Create Memorable Performances
  • Exact Step-By-Step Method
  • Built To Enhance Creativity & Uniqueness
  • Grow Your Fan-Base
  • No Hacky Formula Jokes

“Discover The Untold Stand-Up Comedy Secrets Of Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Steve Martin, Rodney Dangerfield, And All The Comedy Greats… And How You Can Effortlessly Emulate The One Big DARN Secret That Sets Them Apart From The Pack!”

Hint:  They Didn’t Use “Cookie-Cutter” Comedy Formulas You’ll Find In Most Books, Courses And Comedy Classes.  This Stuff Aint’ Your Dad’s Comedy Lessons…So Read Every Single Word Of This Message To Get The Scoop!

Dear Aspiring Comedian,

You may not know it, but if you’re trying to become a stand up comedian and have been following what “everyone else” teaches you…

…then you’re being set up to FAIL!

I know…I know, that seems like a strong statement.   And I know you’re pretty skeptical right now.   But I urge you to suspend your skepticism and keep reading.

You see, when you implement what I’m going to tell you in this short message, you’ll achieve the following results when it comes to your stand-up:

  • Your potential to earn a lucrative income in stand-up comedy will skyrocket
  • You’ll generate a HUGE fan base with fans that are passionate about spreading your comedy to THEIR friends
  • You will never wonder if you’re moving in the right direction again
  • You will stop wasting time on conflicting advice
  • You will no longer worry that you’re not funny or skilled enough to be a professional comedian
  • You will have a deeper understanding of the industry than most people get in their entire career
  • You will gain the motivation, momentum, and confidence you need to succeed!
  • ... and much more

And if you ignore this message...

You’ll End Up With Wasted Time, Less Money In Your Bank Account, And More Frustration, Doubt And Motivation About Your Stand-Up Career!

Hi, my name is Jared Volle.  I have been a stand up comedian since 2006 and actually practice what I preach when it comes to dominating on stage.

I was a finalist at the Great American Comedy Festival and even an opener for comedian Kyle Cease (voted #1 Comedy Central special of 2009) many times… performing in front of over 1000 people!

And while struggling to make it as a stand-up comedian (more on that later) I  stumbled upon one astonishing secret that is currently holding YOU back as a killer stand-up comedian:

You’re relying too much on rules, formulas, “tricks” and “systems” for generating material.  And all that is stifling your ability to differentiate yourself from the pack and garner the fame, recognition and reverence as a stand-up comedian you deserve!

Listen: if you go to the top 3 comedians…heck almost ALL the comedians on the Comedy Central Top 100 list, they didn’t use conventional techniques to get there.

They didn’t just tell “your momma” jokes…”you might be a redneck if…” jokes or “blonde” jokes. They embraced a higher level of creativity and “outside the box” thinking that allowed them to stand above their competition. That’s why they’re on the top 100 list!

Yet I’m sure you either learned from another comedian or from books and courses from “old school” guys that taught how to use formulas and “systems” to create jokes…

…Like a bunch of “write a setup line, think of all the assumptions the audience would make, and then BREAK that assumption in the punch line” tricks.

Or the “write 50 jokes a day using formulas” approach that’ll bore the CRAP out of today’s audience.

Sorry, but that stuff ain’t gonna work for today’s more sophisticated audience.  It’s like trying to sell a rotary phone to someone that has an iPhone 7….it just ain't gonna fly!

Richard-Pryor“I know all the tricks. I assume that everybody does. But people like me because I won’t use them, and if I do, they can tell”

Richard Pryor

So if you feel like your comedy career has flatlined and you’re looking for a boost, then I’m here to tell you that I know how you feel.

Why? Because:

My Start As A Stand Up Comedian Was More Frustrating Than A One Legged Man At A Butt-Kicking Contest!


I remember it like it was yesterday.  I started doing improv comedy when I was in 6th grade and actually started getting paid for my improv gigs before graduating high school.

So I decided to try my hand at stand up comedy since I was really racking up the stage time.  I figured it would be an easy transition right?


I stuck with the formulas being taught by the “masters” in tons of  comedy books, courses and seminars.

I’d blow 2-3 hours reading a comedy book expecting to get some new “tricks” but it was either just theory about what SHOULD get a laugh… but not what works now.

And it started to show.   I started struggling big time and started getting frustrated with the results I was getting on stage.   I NEVER had problems with my improv but for some reason I wasn’t cutting it when it came to stand up comedy.

After awhile I started to lose my patience and started to doubt whether I had the “stuff” to be a successful stand up comedian.  My confidence started to sink and I became a little paranoid of whom to trust for advice.

And as a result…

The Further My Confidence Sank,

The More I Started To BOMB At Gigs!


But then I realized why I was screwing up so much.  I was following “old school” rules and formulas that no longer worked for today’s savvy audience.

I mean, I was a naturally funny guy and I was STILL bombing!  That’s when I realized it wasn’t about the jokes… it was about ME… the comedian!

Let me prove it to you:

First, watch a hilarious snippet of a comedian. Something that made you laugh the first time you heard it so you’ll know you’re starting off with a funny joke.

Next, mentally play around with the way those same exact words are delivered. In fact, BUTCHER the jokes on purpose.

You will instantly see that it’s not the actual words that you find funny. There’s something deeper that old-school comedy completely misses (and pretending it’s not there can destroy ANY hope of success).

Or take a very common occurrence. Remember the last time you heard a friend butcher a joke you KNEW was actually funny?

So what happened?

Both jokes used the same words. One was funny. The other clearly wasn’t.
How can that be? … Because it was never the actual words you found funny in the first place.

And old-school comedy is ONLY about words. Old-school comedy simply doesn’t work. That’s why the BEST comedians have found a better way… guys like Richard Pryor, Steve Martin, Lenny Bruce and all the greats.

So I decided to throw out the rules and create something novel for a change. Stuff that allows you to generate so much material… and higher QUALITY material… that’ll set you apart from the pack.

Listen: this ain’t the 50’s anymore. Today’s audience is much more savvy than that.  That’s something I painfully realized but I’m glad I figured it out while I was young.

My results were like night and day. Audience were howling at my material and within a month I already exceeded my all-time best (and I’ve been writing for years!)

I beat out other comedians who were using this old school “cookie-cutter” formulaic approach and eventually became a HUGE hit within a year:

In fact,

I Started Opening Up For Kyle Cease…

In Front Of More Than 1000 People!

Kyle Cease

Then I decided there had to be a way to “systematize” this novel system so I can teach other people.  I started teaching this stuff in offline classes and it was a HUGE hit! Almost every single class was SOLD OUT! Writer’s block was essentially demolished, and these comedians started to report that their writing had improved and appeared less formulaic. They were getting more laughs on stage.  More paid gigs.  More confidence in their prospects of becoming killer stand-up comedians.  And more CERTAINTY that they were going to succeed… instead of practicing the “hope and pray” approach to making it in the biz.

So I decided to bottle up everything I know about becoming a more creative, funnier comedian using lessons discovered by studying the greats AND my own 8-year track record as a stand-up comedian:

Introducing ...


A Comprehensive Guide to a Great Career In Comedy

The Only PROVEN, Non-“Cookie-Cutter” Stand Up Comedy Course That Teaches You What Works For Today’s Savvy Audiences!

  • Built From The Ground-Up To Increase Creativity

    Build incredibly unique material and performances that audiences will remember

  • See and Hear the Difference

    Comedy is about delivery. See and hear how voice inflections & gestures can change the quality of a performance.

  • Connect With Audiences,
    Grow Your Fan-Base

    Connect with audiences on a deeper level to create raving fans and exponentially increase your fan-base

  • No Formulaic Jokes

    We hate stupid, hacky comedians just as much as you

  • Cut Years Off the Learning Curve

    Don’t just learn “what” to do… Learn the entire psychology behind stand-up comedy mastery

  • Guidance Every Step of the Way

    Step-by-step guidance from writing your first set to marketing yourself and going pro.

"Best. Course. Ever."


Best. Course. Ever.

Jared has done his homework. And he’s as sharp as a piece of broken porcelain.

For the beginning comic, just his fundamental advice about memorizing material at the expense of persona is invaluable, but that’s just a start. As a published author with a journalism degree, I can tell you his writing advice is spot on.

But every single presentation and there are close to a 100 with variable lengths, has clear and concise information that will help the pro almost as much as it helps the novice.

For novices, this course is indispensable. For pros, I guarantee Jared’s informative videos are still well worth your time.

Billy O’Connor

Author of Confessions of a Bronx Bookie

"...breaks down the walls we don't realize we put up for ourselves"

Comedian Trevor Gertonson

"The faster and funnier program gives you the tools you need to not only become a good comic.  It helps you break down the walls we don't realize we put up for ourselves and harness your craft to become a great comic.  If your are serious about becoming a professional comedian then this is a must have.

A lesson that spoke to me the most was having to deal with hecklers.  I always felt that my material was strong and could present it well.  Hecklers could really throw me off.  I would loose focus and or loose the audience because of my reactions.  I found out how to deal with hecklers and embrace it into my act as to not loose the audience during my performances.  This is one of many helpful concepts you will find in this program."

-Trevor Gertonson

Stand-Up Comedian, Writer, Actor and creator of Laugh You Bastards.

Faster And Funnier Is The ONLY Stand-Up Video Course That’ll Effortlessly Guide You Toward Being A HUGE Hit On Stage!


I was getting REAL results when I started implementing this new way of performing.   Since discovering this new “secret” practiced by the greats I haven’t written a single “conventional” joke.

In fact, my closer went from 32% laughter (not too shabby by the way) to a staggering 69% laughter.   And this closer consistently gets 2 or more applause breaks every time…

and this closer is several minutes long!

Just think about what you can do with material that strong!

  • You’ll gain instant respect from other comics that will immediately cement your position in the comedy community. It’s all about who you know when it comes to comedy…and this will position you above the rest.
  • You’ll get FAR more bookings. Once people know you’ve got the “stuff”…word spreads like wildfire. And when you really blow it up at a gig, they’ll want you to come back again and again.
  • You’ll get MORE MONEY for each booking. The higher the demand for you increases, the more you’ll be able to charge per booking. It’s like a snowball going down a snowy mountain…it just gets bigger, bigger, and BIGGER!
  • You’ll be able to develop an enormous fan-base. This is “money” for a comedy career…people who will keep going to your gigs, brag about you, invite their friends, and keep buying your comedy CDs and DVDs.
  • You’ll get invited to the BIG shows. Remember when I said I was an opener for Kyle Cease (10 Things I Hate About You, #1 Comedy Central Special of 2009)… doing gigs in front of 1000 people? I got that opportunity by standing out from the crowd thanks to what I’m going to share with you in Faster & Funnier!

"You Helped Me Get My First Comedy Paycheck"

I am glad that I took this course. It is a must for anyone serious about making a career in comedy. It has valuable insights to creating and performing the kind of highly unique and memorable performances audiences go CRAZY for. I found the course easy to understand and implement the recommended strategies.

Thanks for putting this together. You helped me get my first comedy paycheck.

~Dickey Bill Wagner
Co-Producer & Host of “Jake's” in Denver & “Shorty’s Comedy Night” in Greeley, CO.

Some Of My Students Got Their First Paid Gigs Less Than 2 Weeks After Going Through This Course!

This stuff works FAST.  In fact my past students have won local and regional competitions within months of finishing the class. They’ve produced highly successful shows that draw national headliners, HUGE crowds, and they actually get PAID to have fun!

And they also work with every single type of comedian including:

  • 1-liners and storyteller comedians
  • Observational and experience-based comedians
  • Monotone, improvisational, political… it doesn’t matter!

Imagine getting more paid gigs and earning respect from other comedians…especially the ones you look up to.    And think about the feeling you’ll get when you’re getting HUGE laughs and the confidence and POWER that will give you.

And think about what it would be like to NEVER have to suffer from “writer’s block” ever again.  I know the agony of staring at a blank piece of paper or computer screen…struggling…wondering what to write next.

This is stuff I wish I had when I started out.  Believe me, it really SUCKED having to figure this out myself but I’m glad I did.  And now I want you give YOU a chance to be on this side of the fence with me!

"Covers the Basics & Goes Beyond!"

“This is one of those courses that covers the basics and goes beyond. It gives you the box and then tells you what is outside of it. I am not sure if it is ahead of it’s time, but it is DEFINITELY TIME FOR IT!

~Dave Johnson,

Los Vegas Entertainer

Here’s What You’ll Discover That’ll Make You An Expert In Writing, Performing, And Getting PAID IN Stand-Up Comedy:

Module 1

Comedian Quick-Start Guide

We are starting from the ground up, so this is where I will guide you step-by-step through the basics of writing a set, finding shows where you can perform, rehearsing, and performing on stage.

Here are some of the nuggets you’ll discover in the very first module:

  • Get answers to some of the most common questions new comedians have: What does it take to be a comedian? What do you talk about on stage? How long does it take to develop material? How long does it take to get good? How much material do you need?
  • Discover the strange reason why a “good” sense of humor causes otherwise funny, hard-working comedians to struggle their entire careers. Ignore this principle and it doesn’t matter how hard you work or how naturally talented you are, you’ll always struggle to move forward in your career.
  • What audiences are drawn to and how to use it to your advantage. Even though every comedian is different, there are still common reasons why audience members become a fan or not. Giving the audience what they want is a sure-fire way of gaining a following, no matter where you are in your career.
  • A step-by-step guide for preparing for your first performance. This no-fail guide will have you on stage in no time!
  • The easiest and fastest way to learn stand-up comedy. If you’re serious about mastering stand-up comedy you simply can’t ignore this vital tool.
  • How to effectively balance writing and performing, even when you have limited time… Common mistakes that 99% of new comedians make that could ruin your career forever (don’t do this!)

Module 2

Cranking Out A+ Material

Your material is the foundation of your performance. In this module you’ll find the styles of writing that work best for you and then get to the core of how to develop material that consistently DESTROYS on stage.

This module uses your NATURAL sense of humor (you know, the one you’ve been working on since you were a kid) and uniqueness to make your competition completely irrelevant.

How I break it down:

  • Mechanical vs. Organic Humor- Which category you fall into determines how far you can go in your career. This isn’t a choice that can be left to chance. Discover exactly what these two types of humor are and how to develop humor that will take you far into the future…
  • Getting the most out of your performance style- How to use 1 liners, storytelling, observational humor, experiential humor, current event humor, universal humor, and local humor…
  • How to build rapport with the audience- Building rapport with the audience is one of the top skills a comedian can have and one of the fastest ways of building momentum in a performance. It doesn’t matter how funny your material is if the audience doesn’t like you. Discover how to build rapport, the most common ways new comedians break rapport with the audience, and how to not fall into the same traps.
  • How to increase your confidence and originality in your writing...
  • Discover a new tool that instantly cuts through writer’s block, creates MASSIVE amounts of material all while getting higher quality laughs.
  • Setups – The trap almost EVERY SINGLE new comedian falls into that drains laughter (in fact, it’s probably the OPPOSITE of what you think you should be doing). We’ll identify this laugh-killer and show you exactly how to craft your setup lines to get maximum impact.
  • How to write punch lines that CRUSH! You don’t need to take a shot in the dark when you know how to structure your punch lines correctly. Get an in-depth analysis of punch line structure, length, and other characteristics and see why some punch lines crush and other bomb. Armed with this information you’ll have a better understanding of punch lines than 90% of the comedians out there.
  • Timing can make or break any performance, but most new comedians don’t think about timing until right before they perform. Discover how to perfect your timing during your writing and use it to create performances that are more engaging to audience.
  • The trick to writing tag lines– How to take a mediocre bit and turn it into massive laughs! How to organize your set so the audience stays engaged – Use this simple technique to ensure that you’re audience will stay attentive, whether you’re performing for 5 minutes or headlining.
  • Keys to writing for a live performance so you don’t BOMB big time…

Module 3

How To Catapult Your Writing

From Good To Great

In this module we’re going to take your newfound writing skills and mass-produce high quality material. Then we’re going to take it one step further: we’re going to sift through your massive amounts of material and find original new ideas to create performances that build momentum and generate laughs you wouldn’t believe were possible in your wildest dreams.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The 5 Stages of Writing- Material in different stages of writing require different focus. If you’re treating all your material as the same you’re going to be wasting valuable time. Discover the different strategies that should be used at each stage to drive right to the heart of your material and get the most out of every writing session.
  • Exact steps on how to rework your material after a show. Discover the most important questions to ask yourself that help you identify weak points and turn them into strengths. You’ll also discover which audience variables should be considered whenever you’re reviewing your show.
  • A lesson from the greatest comedians of all time: How to turn great material into something legendary.
  • Take your material and, like a fine wine, create layers of complexity that keep the audience wanting to hear you again and again… even after they’ve repeated your material to all their friends.
  • How to quickly build up 45+ minutes of dynamite material using these two simple methods. We don’t just want to perform any old 45-minute show. We want to create a show the audience remembers want to tell their friends about. This is the fastest way to build your fan base. These methods do just that, building length and quality at the same time.
  • Learn how to use joke formats CORRECTLY to increase the quality of your material. Topics include: broken assumptions, exaggeration, misplaced sincerity, specificity, contradiction, rule of three, double-entendres, omitted punch lines, meta-jokes, and callback lines.

Module 4

How To Perform Like A Pro At Any Venue

You can’t always pick and choose where you’ll perform. And not all rooms are alike. They each require a different way of approaching the booker, using different material, different types of audiences, different rules to follow, as well as some surprising factors that you DON’T want to discover when it’s too late. This module will show you how to perform like a pro in any scenario.

Here’s what I’ll be covering:

  • Open-Mics are the learning ground of every comedian- Discover how to find open-mics all around the country, get booked on the show, what material to use, and how to use them to propel your career forward.
  • The keys to performing on booked shows. Discover how to get invited to exclusive performances, how to select the proper material, and how to get invited back to perform again and again.
  • Discover how to perform in different types of venues such as comedy clubs, bars, outdoor shows, churches, and corporate shows
  • How to deal with awkward rooms- Let’s face it. Not every room you’re going to perform in will be perfect. Discover what challenges these rooms provide and how to keep the audience engaged, even when there are plenty of distractions.

Module 5

Unstoppable Stage Presence

Without stage presence you’ll lose the audience’s attention and be entirely unmemorable on stage. In this module we’ll build UNSTOPPABLE stage presence. No more worrying that people won’t be listening to you. Take command of the room every time you perform! You’ll discover what audiences love and what they hate in their comedians.

Here’s what’s important:

  • Preparing for a performance– Ground zero for staying in control on stage is being prepared. Discover the two different strategies of preparing for a performance and which one you should use (hint: it depends on the situation).
  • Discover how to apply performance variables (such as voice inflections, gestures, and pauses) that make your material easier for the audience to understand (better communication in less time means you can get to more material in your set while simultaneously increasing the quality of laughs), more entertaining, and more memorable.
  • Developing a congruent on-stage personality: Discover how to build rapport with the audience by using your natural energy level, speaking rhythm, and filler words. This is exactly how professional comedians do what they do.
  • How to break up bland, monotonous material while giving your material more flow. If you want to perform a set longer than 5 minutes, you HAVE to do this to keep the audience engaged.
  • How to use profanity… (And get away with it)
  • One very simple way to get kicked out of a show and never invited back!- Damaging your image in the community means nobody wants to work with you. Discover what rules simply CAN’T be broken.
  • How to write an intro that makes audiences shut up and pay attention- Intros are often the audience’s first impression of you. A lousy intro can break the audience’s trust in you before you’ve even walked up to the microphone. Discover how to craft an excellent intro and why you should NEVER expect an emcee to do it for you.
  • The simple mistake that makes audience fall asleep 5 seconds into your set (and most comedians don’t know their doing it)

Module 6

What To Do

When The Unexpected Happens

What do you do when the unexpected happens? New comedians panic and fumble over their words. Veteran comedians use a few simple techniques to create MASSIVE laughs (in fact, many times these laughs are so big they end up being the audience’s favorite part of the ENTIRE show).

In this module you’ll discover:

  • How audience dynamics create momentum that’s either working for or against you and what you can do about it. Discover how to build unstoppable momentum until the audience is laughing so hard they’ll give you an applause break just to shut you up and let them catch their breath. You’ll also discover how to take negative momentum and turn it around using a few simple techniques that quickly rebuild audience trust and get momentum working in your favor again.
  • The ability to handle unplanned interruptions is what separates the men from the boys- Interruptions often destroy a new comedian’s momentum and cripple their laughter, but they don’t have to. Using time-tested techniques you’ll be able to turn interruptions into your ally.
  • Discover how to take any type of interruption and use it to generate massive laughs- Discover exactly how to deal with a heckler swiftly and effectively so you can get back to the show. These techniques place the audience on your side as your most powerful ally. Here’s how to shut a heckler up without the audience hating you. Plus discover how to preempt a heckler so they never speak up in the first place.
  • Discover 4 strategies for dealing with loud audiences- Loud audiences are commonplace at open mics. If you don’t know how to capture an audience’s attention than you’re wasting your time performing… no one is listening. These strategies work quickly so that you can get back on track.
  • What do you do when a joke bombs? New comedians usually try to plow threw their next joke and end up doing even more damage. Veteran comedians turn it into a positive by using it as a chance to build rapport with the audience and regaining positive momentum. Discover how to take any bombed joke and turn it into big laughs.

Module 7

The Secrets To Finding Paid Gigs

Looking for more than a fun hobby? In this module you’ll discover exactly what steps to take to find paid work. This module you’ll discover how to consistently find paid work locally or on the road.

In this module you’ll be getting:

  • How to leverage your humor to make money in different industries (like TV and Film)
  • Comedian etiquette: Discover the unspoken rules of getting paid work- Your ability to get paid work rarely comes down to how funny you are. Ignore these rules and it doesn’t matter how funny you are, you will always struggle to find work.
  • Easy steps to industry networking: how to network with other comedians in your town and across the country. By applying these principles you’ll always have people wanting to book you for paid work.
  • The essential components of a press-kit and how to use it to get paid work on the road- If you’re looking at making comedy a career you can’t stay local forever. Create a press-kit that makes bookers want to hire you.
  • Discover what REALLY persuades bookers and use it to get consistent work- Discover directly from this interview I did with Cyndi Nelson, manager of Zanies Comedy Club in Chicago.
  • How to be an emcee- Discover effective skills for emceeing any show. Emceeing is often the first type of paid work a comedian gets. Effective emcees are not only promoted within comedy clubs faster than other comedians but make a lot more money than amateurs over the course of their career. Emceeing is a rung on the latter, and if you’re missing those skills you’re going to have a hard time building on your career.

Module 8

How To Produce Your Own Shows

In this module you’ll discover how to create your own stand-up comedy shows for fun or profit. Not only can producing your own show lead directly to money in your pocket, but it’s also lets you trade spots on your show for paid work elsewhere.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A guide to producing your own show- How to find and approach venues, book a show, find the best comedians to work your show, and make money.
  • Producing a weekly show- How to turn your show into a weekly fixture (and a consistent income). Producing a weekly show creates several unique challenges that you must overcome if you’re show is going to last. Discover how to navigate past these barriers to create a successful show that will pay off now and in the future.
  • Getting butts in the seats– Discover strategies that fill out an audience without investing any money. If you can’t get butts in the seats than you’ll find that both the venue and the comedians won’t value having your show and you’ll soon be out of business.
  • How to keep your audience coming back for more- Once you pack your audience into your show you’ll want them coming back every week. Discover several strategies you MUST USE to keep audience’s coming back.

Module 9

Secrets Most Comedians

Will NEVER Know!

These ideas are so powerful they’ll give you an unfair advantage. Better yet, very few comedians even know this!

This module includes:

  • Laughter Psychology- A unique set of tools that few comedians have (and every one of them SHOULD have). Once you understand these simple principles the quality of you’re writing and performing will skyrocket!
  • How to optimize your writing, performing, and marketing- A simple tool that will singlehandedly shift how you view every part of your career.
  • How to develop unique characters in your act through POV (Point Of View) humor- POV humor can be tricky. That’s why so few comedians use it. But once you understand the principles of writing and performing POV humor you’re act will be more natural, your laughs will increase, and your storytelling will get better.
  • Parallel Writing– The fastest way to develop hysterical analogies (I’ll show you how I used one tool to develop two jokes in less than an hour that have consistently gotten applause breaks for several years now).

Module 10

Explode Your Creativity & Be Memorable!

It’s no secret. Originality is memorable. Increase your fan base using these quick-and-dirty tricks that get your creative juices flowing.

In this module you’ll discover:

  • How to unblock your creativity- writer’s block isn’t just a nuisance, it’s sucking valuable time and energy away from your career. It damages confidence in your own writing abilities, it stresses you out, and it ruins your writing momentum… in fact, it’s so stressful that many would-be great comedians can’t handle it and give up.
  • Discover what causes writer’s block and simple strategies that make it a thing of the past.
  • Discover how to use simple left-brain and right-brain idea generation techniques that anyone can apply- Find interesting twists to place into your stories, new punch lines to try, new characters, and more. You’ll discover three left-brain and two right-brain techniques that will quickly get your creativity flowing. You’ll generate ULTRA-CREATIVE ideas that leave audience members in awe of your creativity

"Breaks down exactly what the pro's are doing to get extraordinary results"

From the beginning to the end, Faster and Funnier is in your face about the realities of making your stand-up comedy dreams come true, skipping the pleasant lip-service that won’t further your career and tells it exactly how it is.

This course has brought a new dimension to my understanding of comedy. Jared breaks down exactly what the pros are doing to achieve extraordinary results on stage. I’ve read many stand-up comedy books. Faster & Funnier is the only resource that has given me a deeper understanding of why comedy works and how to use that knowledge to further my career.

Ellery White

Los Angeles Producer, Comedian, & Host

So How Much Is It Worth To You To Annihilate YEARS Of Trial And Error, Bombed Gigs And Extreme Embarrassment And Humiliation?

I know what you want:  you want to be a successful and FUNNY stand up comedian in the shortest amount of time.  And no other course teaches you what it takes to get today’s audience to laugh all the way to the bank!

When you take action today and order Faster & Funnier you’re going to be STUNNED.  You’ll get FULL training on writing, performing, and getting paid in stand-up comedy.

I explain not just “how” to do it, but how and why every element of a performance works and how they work together to create massive success!

I’m going to hand you the power to control every aspect of your stand-up comedy career using this fast, simple, & tested system.

In fact, Faster & Funnier will…

  • Save You YEARS Of Trial And Error: It takes YEARS to acquire this information alone. How much time would you have wasted driving to and from shows, rewriting your material over and over and over as you slowly gain an understanding of what works and what doesn’t? Why spend more time as an amateur than you have to?
  • Save You A TON Of Money: How much gas money would you spend just DRIVING to these shows?! Over the course of a single year gas money alone could be hundreds of dollars! Wouldn’t you rather use that money driving to PAID GIGS?
  • Save You Endless Frustration: How many jokes would you have to bomb on stage to gain this knowledge? How many opportunities will you miss out on because you were stuck in an endless cycle of rewriting your material?
  • Save You TONS Of Energy: Revising your material is exhausting if you don’t know what you’re looking for, endlessly writing and rewriting only to find your no closer to a decent laugh. How much more fun would it be if you had a deep understanding of exactly what the audience was looking for?

I know for a fact that I would have paid THOUSANDS of dollars to discover this stuff 8 years ago when I was trying to break into stand-up comedy.

Not just money, but also TIME it would have saved me…along with the humiliation I wouldn’t have to endure at all those “dud” gigs where I couldn’t get a laugh to save my life.

Well, I’m not going to charge you $1000…not even $300 which is the going rate for most comedy courses out there.

When you take action right now I’m going to let you get Faster & Funnier for just $97.

Think about it…that’s a months worth of Starbucks latte’s, a week or two worth of gas, or your monthly cellphone bill.

In fact,

The Price Is Irrelevant Since Faster & Funnier Will Save You From Repeatedly BOMBING On Stage And Slowly Learning From Every Single Mistake!

Think about it:  you can either learn this stuff the PAINFUL way like I did early in my career.  Or you can save yourself YEARS of “figuring it out” yourself by taking advantage of this opportunity to have everything laid out for you on a silver platter…

…how to be more creative, get paid gigs, write jokes that are a step above the rest, and have more FUN.

Yes, I know the price is ridiculously low, especially when stand-up comedy teachers are charging $100-$200/hr for private tutoring, and you couldn’t possibly learn even 5% as much information in a single hour.

Thanks to the Internet we can provide quality personal coaching on our comedy courses for a tiny fraction of the price you’d pay anywhere else.

Plus I really want you to succeed!  That’s why I’m spending my time writing this letter…creating this course…and am offering you personal attention by answering any question you have that’s not in the library by creating a bonus video for you.

Sure I could have kept these secrets myself, but I guess this is my way of giving back.  But I’m not going to stop there:



“This is an excellent source for someone starting out in the comedy business. It has a lot of valuable knowledge that I haven’t seen in other comedy books, and I’ve read a lot!

~Lance Weiss

Regular at NYC comedy clubs

Here Are 6 Bonuses That Will Get You Dominating The Stage Even Faster!

Bonus #1

“How The Pros Do It”

These videos take your learning to a completely new level. First, watch the Faster & Funnier video lesson. Then watch a compilation of famous comedians applying that principle in front of a real-live audience.

29 Examples of

Comedians Owning Hecklers


Examples of

Effective Body Language


39 Examples of

Great Openers


18 Examples of

Perfect Timing


We are always adding new videos. A full list of bonus videos can be found on the newsletter subscribers page.

Bonus #2

“Obliterating Writer’s Block Guide”

Would it be valuable to you to be able to churn out as much quality material as you desire… at will? Have you ever been stopped dead in your tracks by a lack of ideas or direction? Have you ever thought that writing feels torturous and no fun?What if you could never deal with writer’s block ever again… not even for a second!

These easy to use techniques make it simple and natural for you to just sit down and start pounding out tons of great material. You’ll be effortlessly writing high quality material.
Best part: these techniques don’t take hours of practice. They produce results the second you use them to completely erase writer’s block.

Connect with your comedy muse in record time, even if you’ve suffered from writer’s block for years.

And the best part… these techniques apply to every type of writing! Not only will you be free from writer’s block in stand-up comedy, but you’ll be able to use these same techniques to get “On Command” control of your muse in every situation… for LIFE.

Avoid these root causes of writer’s block and you’ll never stall out again. Learn EXACTLY why you get writer’s block in the first place

Get quick-and-easy solutions to overcome writer’s block wherever and whenever it hits

These techniques don’t just “mask” writer’s block…They completely obliterate it!

Just think about what consistently overcoming writer’s block will do for your career! How would it feel to know you don’t have to worry about writer’s block anymore? How much further will you get in your career if you could consistently overcome writer’s block EVERY time? How much time do you spent staring at a blank computer screen wondering what to write? This one product will free up several hours of your time each year! Get that time back RIGHT NOW!

Bonus #3

Stage Fright to Stage Domination Guide”

How would it feel to jump on stage without a single moment of worry or panic? With the Overcoming Stage Fright Guide you won’t just overcome stage fright… you’ll forget you ever had it!Stage fright isn’t just about whether you get on stage or not. ANY amount of stage fright can kill a performance. Being nervous on stage…

  • Distracts the audience and makes THEM uncomfortable too!
  • Breaks the audience’s trust in the comedian (“Should we even listen to this guy?”)
  • Loses the audience’s attention
  • Interferes with a comedian’s timing
  • Destroys a comedian’s ability to make a connection with the audience
  • Cuts off opportunities for improvisation on stage
  • Makes you less willing to take risks on stage
  • Drastically decreases your chances of success in comedy

Take it from someone who’s gone from crippling stage fright in front of even the smallest crowds to performing in front of over 1000 people without a single worry. Stage comfort instantly improves ALL aspects of your comedy career. This guide will show you EXACTLY how to break free of the fear!

Bonus #4

“Exclusive Comedian Stat Sheets”

What are comedian stats?There are two important stats that every comedian should keep track. PAR VALUE, or Positive Audience Response, is the percentage of laughter you get on stage. It answers the question “How often are they laughing”?

The next is Laughs Per Minute, or LPM’s. This stat shows you the average length of your jokes. It answers the question “How quickly do you get to punch lines?”

That’s some pretty important information!

…but I’m betting you didn’t get into comedy because you “love math.”

My Comedian Stat Sheets Automatically calculate Par Value, LPM’s, & much more. It keeps track of daily and career statistics. It also displays performance records. Let me tell you, if you’re looking for motivation, you simply can’t do any better than seeing your performance records.

But the Comedian Stat Sheets do more than just that…

You can also keep track of marketing efforts.

Again, this is a huge motivator. Keep track of YouTube views, Twitter Followers, Facebook Fans… Whatever marketing you’re trying to improve.

You can also use these sheets to keep track of your industry contact list. That means fellow comedians, bookers, talent agents and managers, and more…

It takes less than a minute to use!

It also contains a place to track your email list.

And it’s searchable too! Say you’re performing in Chicago and want to notify all your fans out there… Simply search Chicago in the city field and it’ll bring up all the names & email address of your fans.

Comedian Stat Sheets are available in Excel, Word, and PDF for easy printing and includes all the formulas so you can easily track your stats whenever you’re away from the computer.

Bonus #5

“Free Set Critique”

Get your latest performance critiqued by a professional stand-up comedy coach! Get valuable feedback customized to you. Your set critique goes over your entire performance and is completely customized to you! Short-cut the trial-and-error process and start DESTROYING on stage! Here’s what you’ll get in your coaching session…

  • Balanced feedback - Learn what you’re doing right and identify the areas you need to work on. Cut down on wasted time and learn exactly what to do to crush your next show.
  • Writing – Punch up your punch lines! Find the perfect tag lines! Even find untapped areas where you can expand your material!
  • Revisions – The perfect way to cut the fat out of your set to get to the laughs quicker!
  • Expert Analysis- Get an expert analysis on both your writing and performance skills. We look closely at voice inflection, body language, stage presence, rhythm, your use of pauses, and much more. It takes years to develop an eye for this, but you get it for FREE!
  • Instant Results! Get advice that you can use to destroy on stage TONIGHT!

How much quicker could you excel at comedy with a professional stand-up comedy coach helping you hone your material for maximum laughs?

This is simply the quickest way to develop high quality material. Take all of the guesswork out of your material. Click here to learn how to get a set-critique.

I have one more very special gift for you…

Bonus #6

“Faster & Funnier Audio Program”

What if you could take a comedy class anywhere and listen to it at any time? You can now take all of the lessons and listen to them again and again anywhere you chose.It’s like have a comedy teacher at your beck-and-call 24 hours a day!

We all know that one of the problems with taking a class of any type is that you can’t simply retake the class when you want to get a refresher. Tools and strategies can’t help you unless you can remember them. Science shows that the best way to remember something is through repeat exposure. That’s why we made it so easy to listen to the course over and over again.

You don’t just get one expert class, you get as many as you want!


“This course offered much insight to the creative mind of the comedian. This information is not only brilliant but also intuitive. Jared's understanding of creativity is mind-blowing. At first, I was skeptical of the "creativity" aspects of his courses, but Jared attacked it from a hard-nosed, scientific perspective that had me agreeing with him every step of the way. More importantly, for the first time ever, "creativity" was something I could control. This course is mandatory for anyone wanting to stand out as a stand-up.”

Nick Olivas
Lewis and Floorwax Show
103.5 Fox FM

Oh, And There’s An Immediate “Out” If You’re Not Satisfied Thanks To My 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Listen, I know you’re skeptical.  You’ve probably read all the books…tried all the courses…and studied all those other comedians and their rules, systems, and formulas.

That’s why I’m offering a 60-day, 100% money back guarantee.  Here’s how it works:

Take action today and claim immediate access to Faster & Funnier.  Watch all the videos, absorb the lessons…even try out some of these secrets when you’re writing more material.

If you don’t think this is the most impactful stand-up comedy course on the planet that’s going to help you put you over the top in the world of stand up comedy then let me know and I’ll offer you an immediate refund.

It could be for any reason…or absolutely NO reason at all.  If you don’t like the color of my socks, you just happened to wake up on the wrong side of the bed or whatever.

Doesn’t matter.

Here’s what this means to you:  there’s no way you can make a mistake here.  Either you’ll absolutely be bowled over regarding this course…or you can request a refund.  Pretty straightforward don’t you think?

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t think this is the most impactful stand-up comedy course on the planet that’s going to help you put you over the top in the world of stand up comedy then let me know and I’ll offer you an immediate refund.

"You're My New Hero"

You're my new hero!

Faster & Funnier is a much-needed resource for the thousands of comedians (including me!) who need no-nonsense, practical advice for generating ideas, fine-tuning material, overcoming challenges, developing an original style, and mapping out a career.”


Paula Johnson
Co-Producer, The Joke Gym, Los Angeles

So Here’s A Rundown Of What You’ll Get

When You Take Action Today!

  • Instantly Stream The Entire Course

    Instant access to over 11 hours of laser-focused videos to get you writing, performing, and marketing yourself like a pro

  • Faster & Funnier eBook

    The original Faster & Funnier! Over 300 pages of rock-solid advice on launching your career. Yours to keep and refer back to as much as you want

  • Downloadable MP3's of the Entire Course

    Take Faster & Funnier with you on the road, review key concepts just before your performances, or access the program when it’s convenient for you

  • Obliterating Writer's Block Guide

    Printable PDF that you can use to instantly break you out of any writing slump

  • Stage Fright To Stage Domination Guide

    Exact steps on how to overcome stage fright and dominating the stage with ultimate confidence

  • My Unreleased Comedian Stat-Sheets

    The perfect way to track your progress, identify strengths, and hone in on areas for improvement

  • Free Set Critique

    For those who like instant gratification

  • Ongoing Email Support

    Get your comedy questions answered when you have them… regardless of how long it’s been since you purchased

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So Are You Going To Keep Using The Same Ol’ Material And Formulas That Will Make Today’s Audiences Yawn?

…or are you going to stay ahead of the curve and discover the secret the top 100 comedians use to write their material, perform, and get their audiences to stick with them and LOVE them for life.

Listen: Each generation of comedians has raised the bar for the next.   What worked in the past no longer will “wow” an audience.

You need a new system that will set you apart from the pack and will allow you to constantly generate BOATLOADS of dynamite material.

It’s a “dog-eat-dog” world out there.  There are tons of comedians who are vying for the same gigs.   And the ones who will always win out are the ones who eschew conventional thinking when it comes to comedy.

Like Richard Pryor once said, “I know all the tricks.  I assume everybody does. But people like me because I won’t use them and if I do, they can tell”.

Don’t be “that guy” that just uses cheesy formulas and “systems” for creating jokes your audience will recognize.   You’re better than that…so take action and claim your instant access to Faster & Funnier today!


Jared Volle

P.S.  If you want to turn your sense of humor into a paycheck then you need to check out Faster and Funnier.   This is your roadmap to stand-up-comedy success—stuff that took me from a clueless newbie to a bona-fide stand up comedian who has performed around the country in comedy clubs, auditoriums, and amphitheaters.  So if you’re frustrated with the results you’re getting on stage then you HAVE to check out this program. So order today… I look forward to helping you out!

P.P.S. Remember, I truly care about your success.  I once was in your shoes 8 years ago…frustrated, agonizing on whether I was on the right path, and unsure whom to listen to.  And wondering if I’ve “lost it” or just wasn’t cut out for stand-up comedy.

That’s why I’m going to create any bonus content that answers ANY questions you might have when you join.  Most programs would leave you alone trying to figure it out for yourself.  Not here…so take action and join Faster & Funnier now!

P.P.P.S.  Listen: I get it.  You want to dominate the stage and don’t want to spend 10 years “paying your dues” doing it.  Faster & Funnier combines all 8 years of hard knocks I had to go through to become a PAID stand-up comedian.   This course will prevent you from all the “figuring out for yourself” you have to undergo to make it in stand-up.   So get after it… join Faster & Funnier today!

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