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Joke Tellers vs. Storytellers


Joke-Tellers ...

  • Have a BLAND personality
  • Sound hacky, inauthentic & unnatural
  • Require a specific setup/punchline structure to get laughs
  • Struggle to connect with the audience
  • Neglect their natural sense of humor

Storytellers ...

  • Are oozing personality
  • Are worth talking about
  • Sound like real human beings
  • Build massive rapport with the audience
  • Don't need conventional punchlines to get laughs

Why Are Successful Comedians Almost Always Storytellers?

There are a lot of reasons... but here's the BIGGIE...

Success In Stand-Up Comedy Is All About Personality

Personality is where humor gets its power. It's the most important factor that makes you unique and memorable on stage and off.  Bland comedians doom themselves to performing endless open-mics and hell gigs.

Comedians with personality have huge fan-bases because, personality is an important part of how humans naturally connect with other humans. Human psychology doesn't suddenly stop working when you're standing on stage. Personality has always been the key to connecting, and storytelling has always been humanity's favorite way of communicating.

Personality Makes You Different

Personality Makes You Memorable

Personality Makes You Interesting

Personality Draws Audiences To You

It's almost impossible to put a lot of personality into "a joke"

Want proof?

Try this thought experiment.

Imagine you're in a room with 20 other comedians with about as much experience as you.

I ask all 20 comedians to write a "Yo Momma So Fat Joke" on a piece of paper and turn it in.

Then we take YOUR BEST FRIEND and and ask them to "pick out YOUR joke from among the 20 others."

Could your best friend do it?

I offered this challenge at the Comics Rock Convention in Los Angeles earlier this year. Even with tons of experienced comedians, not a single comedian raised accepted the challenge. (I don't blame them, I wouldn't have either).

So lets be brutally honest about "jokes."


If your BEST FRIEND couldn't choose your joke from among ONLY 20 JOKES ...
How will STRANGERS find you unique from among EVERY COMEDIAN IN THE INDUSTRY?


Storytellers have 2 things joke-writer's don't: Personality and Authenticity.


Joke-writer's suffer from a bland personality

Joke Writing Formulas Destroy Personality

Does anybody really believe that a pre-made joke formula is going to be able to capture their unique sense of humor?

A joke formula is nothing more than a "Joke Assembly Line." Each step of the way you do the exact same thing and get the exact same (terrible) result. That's great for making cars... not comedy.

Thinking that a joke formula is going to capture your unique sense of humor is as ridiculous as thinking that a Toyota assembly line is going to "accidentally make a Ferrari."

There's a name for comedians that write formulaic jokes: a hack.

What if you don't use a joke-writing formula? What if you just write setups and punchlines?

Writing into a setup/punchline format is ridiculously difficult and completely ineffective.

There's 2 HUGE PROBLEMS with this:

  1. Writing into a setup/punchline format has way too many rules... and rules cause writer's block. Having too many rules is the #1 reason comedians get writer's block. Think about it... you NEVER get "writer's block" when you're hanging out with friends. Funny comments come pouring out of you with ease. Why? Because you're tapping your authentic sense of humor.
  2. In order to make your material fit into a setup/punchline format you have to force your natural sense of humor to conform to a bunch of arbitrary rules that you never needed before to get laughs before. The results are always the same: No matter how hard you work, you'll never write quality material because either your material won't "fit the rules" or (more likely) you'll be unable to write anything down in the first place because none of your material can satisfy all the crazy rules at the same time.

Joke-Writers Constantly Struggle With Authenticity

In joke-telling, comedians take their natural sense of humor and force it into an awkward structure that they've never used before in real life. (How many "jokes" have you written in your life before becoming a comedian? Probably zero.) They are so rare that jokes always feel unnatural and forced. Instead of seeming like "a naturally funny person," you come off like a desperate, needy guy on a blind date... trying to say anything you think the audience wants to hear so that they like you. No matter how hard a joke-writer tries, jokes always come off as "bullshitting the audience." They're completely unnatural because jokes aren't how people naturally use humor. And here's the worst part... rewriting a joke only makes it feel even more "jokey." The only escape is tapping your authentic sense of humor.

Storytelling Isn't An "Add-On"

You're natural sense of humor has always incorporated storytelling. Storytelling is how humor spreads in the real world. It's 100% authentic.

They are so intimately linked that...

  • The stories you enjoy telling have shaped your natural sense of humor.
  • Your natural sense of humor has shaped how you enjoy telling stories.

This has been going on your entire adult life to perfectly balance the type of stories you enjoy telling, how you enjoy telling them, and your natural sense of humor.

It's like a perfect eco-system were everything is naturally in balance and aligned with each other. Just like in an eco-system, if you force something unnatural into the mix the balance fall apart and all hell breaks loose.


You cannot separate your natural sense of humor from storytelling,
but you've had no problems getting people laughing without jokes.

"It Was Soooo Much Easier To Write"

Davincey Moore

Faster & Funnier is spot on. I just applied the new storytelling techniques you added in your book and it was soooo much easier to write material. Not only did it help me focus more on how I naturally talk and have conversations, it helped me weave multiple jokes I made for a premise into a more natural cohesive bit. I can't wait to test this new stuff out next time I get onstage.

"I feel your course will help me more than every book I worked with before."

I like very much what I have read and seen so far. There were some real eye-openers for me. Last year I worked with ********’s writing system. And it was so hard for me to assemble a routine that was logical and conclusive.

Last Thursday I performed at Comedy Club Munich. At one bit I tried to use your method of comedic tension - pre-frame - juxtaposition. It worked very well. I got great laughs from it.

I really like the examples and the videos. It makes it easier for me to understand because I had to translate everything into my language.

I feel your course will help me more than every book I worked with before. It's a really good course. Thank you. 🙂

Best regards from Germany,


"I was getting in my own way. I realized I was scared because I was not sure of my process when it came to the whole comedy thing."

Your course and book have been very, very helpful... I know I have a long way to go, but at least now it's easier, not to mention a lot more fun.

I just finished reading the eBook version of Faster and Funnier. It’s a great compliment to the FNF program. I signed up for it a few years ago, when I was stuck. I would write comedy, or do what I thought was writing comedy. I was so frightened to get up onstage. I had and used every excuse in the book why I shouldn’t get up onstage.

Using the very first lessons in FNF, I learned that I was getting in my own way. I realized I was scared because I was not sure of my process when it came to the whole comedy thing.

Learning how to do comedy and why it works was what I needed. I got that through FNF. The book reinforced the entire program. Very well written and organized. There is much more to learn other than the jokes themselves and FNF explores that.

Darin Joseph

People can debate all day about which comedy teacher has the best joke-formulas...

but when it really comes down to it...

You Have 2 Options In Comedy Training





Joke Structures Make Material Feel Awkward

  • Material feel lifeless, forced, or inauthentic
  • Leaves you thinking "Why am I funny off stage but struggle with writing stand-up?"

Storytelling Creates Humor Organically

  • Uses the same exact sense of humor that you use with your friends.
  • Doesn't require a setup/punchline structure.

Makes Stand-Up Unnecessarily Difficult

  • Forces you to write comedy using a system that has nothing to do with your natural sense of humor
  • The crazy number of rules to remember creates constant writer's block

Effortless & Fun. Like It Should Be.

  • Your natural sense of humor is effortless & fun. Your writing should be to
  • When using your natural sense of humor, you're always working from a position of strength
  • Easier to learn than formulas or joke structures

Joke Formulas & Structures Kill Personality

  • Rules and joke structure cover up your natural sense of humor
  • Putting personality into joke-writing and joke-telling is almost impossible

Same Personality. Same Sense of Humor.

  • Less rules leaves more room for your personality to shine through.
  • Write and perform comedy just like your talking with your best friend.

Sucks the Fun Out of Comedy

  • Brainstorming is boring, unnatural, and ineffective
  • Rejects your natural sense of humor
  • Requires unnatural steps like "Listing audience assumptions"

Using Your Natural Sense of Humor Is Always Fun

  • You are funnier, more interesting, and more authentic when you use your true personality
  • Using your natural sense of humor is the whole reason you got into comedy in the first place.

Open mic strategies will give you open mic results

"...breaks down the walls we don't realize we put up for ourselves"

Trevor Gertonson

"The faster and funnier program gives you the tools you need to not only become a good comic.  It helps you break down the walls we don't realize we put up for ourselves and harness your craft to become a great comic.  If your are serious about becoming a professional comedian then this is a must have.

A lesson that spoke to me the most was having to deal with hecklers.  I always felt that my material was strong and could present it well.  Hecklers could really throw me off.  I would loose focus and or loose the audience because of my reactions.  I found out how to deal with hecklers and embrace it into my act as to not loose the audience during my performances.  This is one of many helpful concepts you will find in this program."

-Trevor Gertonson

Stand-Up Comedian, Writer, Actor and creator of Laugh You Bastards.


Make Your Natural Sense of Humor

The Rule, Not The Exception


A Comprehensive Guide to a Great Career In Comedy

The Only PROVEN, Non-“Cookie-Cutter” Stand Up Comedy Course That Teaches You What Works For Today’s Savvy Audiences!

  • Works With Your Personality & Natural Sense of Humor

    No more awkward, unnatural jokes. Effortlessly translate your natural sense of humor onto the stage.

  • See and Hear the Difference

    Comedy is about delivery. Don’t just read about timing, see and hear how pauses, voice inflections & gestures can change the quality of a performance.

  • Connect With Audiences,
    Grow Your Fan-Base

    Connect with audiences on a deeper level to create raving fans and exponentially increase your fan-base

  • No Formulaic Jokes

    We hate stupid, hacky comedians just as much as you

  • Built From The Ground Up To Enhance Creativity

    Your performances should be as fun, unique, crazy, and entertaining as you.

  • Guidance Every Step of the Way

    Step-by-step guidance from writing your first set to marketing yourself and going pro.

New Comedians

New Comedian's Guide

Building A Foundation For a Significant Career

  • 1

    The 3 Pillars Of Remarkable Comedians: How No-Name Comedians Kill It On Stage And Grow Their Fan Base

  • 2

    Lost In Translation: Why You’re So Funny Around Your Friends, But Hate Your Material

  • 3

    How To Reclaim Your Natural Sense Of Humor: The Real You Getting Real Laughs

  • 4

    Comedic Conflict: Understanding Humor In The Real World


How to Write Hilarious Material... Without Writing a Single "Joke"

How to Translate Your Natural Sense of Humor Onto The Page

  • 1

    The Neuroscience Of Humor: How Audiences Process Humor And What Every Comedian Must Do

  • 2

    Authentic Humor: The 5 Stages of Comedic Storytelling & How to Get It On the Page Without Killing It

Story Construction: How to Write Stand-Up The Same Way You Get Laughs In Real-Life

  • 3

    Creating A Story Worth Listening To: The 4 Sources of Inspiration & How To Create Comedic Conflict

  • 4

    How to Turn Comedic Conflict Into Huge Laughs Without Sounding Desperate or Hacky

  • 5

    Writing Strategies For Quantity, Quality, And Uniqueness

    Directional writing

The Lifecycle of Comedy Material: How To Be An Effective Writer For Every Stage Of Your Material

  • 6

    Introducing New Material: Going From Comedic Inspiration to the Performance-Ready Material

  • 7

    Testing Material: Getting an Authentic Response On or Off-Stage

  • 8

    Refining Material: How to Take Any Material To The Next Level

  • 9

    Mature Material: When to Stop Rewriting & When to Keep Going

  • 10

    Material Shelf-Life: How to Get The Most Milage Out of Every Bit

  • 11

    Allowing Your Material To Evolve Into Something Special

Bonus Lessons

  • 12

    Analyzing Joke Templates and How To Naturally Incorporate Them Into Your Writing

  • 13

    Point-of-View Humor: The Secrets To Hilarious Characters on Stage

  • 14

    Turn Analogies Into Applause Breaks: A System For Hilarious Analogies

  • 15

    POV Humor: The Secret To Hilarious Characters

  • 16

    Parallel Writing: The Secret To Hilarious Analogies


Performance Mastery: How to Keep The Audience Hanging On Every Word

Venue Guide

  • 1

    Open Mics: How To Find Them, Book Them, And Use Them To Quickly Improve

  • 2

    Booked Shows: A Taste Of Comedy Heaven

  • 3

    Types of Venues: Comedy Clubs, Bars, Corporate Work, & Cruise Ships

  • 4

    Rooms: How the shape of the room changes your performance

Storytelling Techniques: How to Engage The Audience

  • 5

    How to Prepare For a Show

  • 6

    Breaking The 4th Wall & Building Audience Trust

  • 7

    Effective Pauses: How to Use Pauses to Enhance Comedic Conflict and Create a Conversational Feel

  • 8

    Stage Persona: Letting Your Personality Come Through

  • 9

    Performance Energy Level: How To Use a High-Energy or Low-Energy Style to Enhance Your Performances

  • 10

    Distractor Lines: Creating a Conversational Feel After a Punchline

  • 11

    Filler Words: How to Use Them to Build Rapport With The Audience

  • 12

    Profanity: How To Use It Correctly

  • 13

    First Impressions: How To Write A Great Intro

How to Dominate The Stage and Stay In Control, Even When The Unexpected Happens

  • 14

    Understanding Audience Behavior: Predictable Patterns

  • 15

    Handling Interruptions: How To Respond, Maintain Audience Trust, & Segue Back Into Material

  • 16

    Hecklers: 3 Strategies For Destroying Hecklers (If You Want To)

  • 17

    4 Ways To Handle A Loud Or Inattentive Audience

  • 18

    How to Recover From a Bombed Joke (And Get Huge Laughs In The Process)

  • 19

    Understanding A Poor Performance: Learn What The Audience Is Trying To Teach You


Comedian Marketing Guide: The Fastest Ways To Move Up The Ranks & Make Money

  • 1

    The Business Of Comedy: How Paid Gigs Are Found & How To Be Qualified For Them

  • 2

    Leveraging Your Network & Professionalism In Comedy

  • 3

    Press-Kits: How to Prepare An "Audition" For Paid Gigs

  • 4

    Marketability: How to Be Qualified For Top-Paying Gigs

  • 5

    Moving Up The Ladder: How Comedians Get Their "Big Break"

  • 6

    How To Be An Effective Emcee

  • 7

    How To Produce Your Own Show For Fun, Profit, or "Leverage"

  • 8

    What Top Clubs Are Looking For In A Comedian: An Interview With The Booker of Zanies

"Best. Course. Ever."

Best. Course. Ever.

Jared has done his homework. And he’s as sharp as a piece of broken porcelain.

For the beginning comic, just his fundamental advice about memorizing material at the expense of persona is invaluable, but that’s just a start. As a published author with a journalism degree, I can tell you his writing advice is spot on.

But every single presentation and there are close to a 100 with variable lengths, has clear and concise information that will help the pro almost as much as it helps the novice.

For novices, this course is indispensable. For pros, I guarantee Jared’s informative videos are still well worth your time.

Billy O’Connor

Author of Confessions of a Bronx Bookie

"Your books, audio programs, and videos have changed my comedy in a matter of weeks"

THANKS Jared. I’ve read many books on comedy, studied many videos. Honestly, your books, audio programs, and videos have changed my comedy in a matter of weeks. Now overtime I hit the stage I’m an entirely different animal. I’m getting applause breaks, people asking me what I’m performing agin, big comedians recommending me… I’ve only been doing this 4 months. Thank you so much, I will spread the word.

Sean Philippe

(YouTube comment)


Lance Weiss

“This is an excellent source for someone starting out in the comedy business. It has a lot of valuable knowledge that I haven’t seen in other comedy books, and I’ve read a lot!

~Lance Weiss,

Regular at New York City comedy clubs, podcast host, and producer


"You Helped Me Get My First Comedy Paycheck"

Dickey Bill Wagner

I am glad that I took this course. It is a must for anyone serious about making a career in comedy. It has valuable insights to creating and performing the kind of highly unique and memorable performances audiences go CRAZY for. I found the course easy to understand and implement the recommended strategies.

Thanks for putting this together. You helped me get my first comedy paycheck.

~Dickey Bill Wagner
Co-Producer & Host of “Jake's” in Denver & “Shorty’s Comedy Night” in Greeley, CO.


Here Are 5 Bonuses That Will Get You Dominating The Stage Even Faster!

Bonus #1

“Pros In Action”

These videos take your learning to a completely new level. First, watch the Faster & Funnier video lesson. Then watch a compilation of famous comedians applying that principle in front of a real-live audience.

29 Examples of

Comedians Owning Hecklers


Examples of

Effective Body Language


39 Examples of

Great Openers


18 Examples of

Perfect Timing


We are always adding new videos. A full list of bonus videos can be found on the newsletter subscribers page.

Bonus #2

“Obliterating Writer’s Block Guide”

Would it be valuable to you to be able to churn out as much quality material as you desire… at will? Have you ever been stopped dead in your tracks by a lack of ideas or direction? Have you ever thought that writing feels torturous and no fun?What if you could never deal with writer’s block ever again… not even for a second!

These easy to use techniques make it simple and natural for you to just sit down and start pounding out tons of great material. You’ll be effortlessly writing high quality material.
Best part: these techniques don’t take hours of practice. They produce results the second you use them to completely erase writer’s block.

Connect with your comedy muse in record time, even if you’ve suffered from writer’s block for years.

And the best part… these techniques apply to every type of writing! Not only will you be free from writer’s block in stand-up comedy, but you’ll be able to use these same techniques to get “On Command” control of your muse in every situation… for LIFE.

Avoid these root causes of writer’s block and you’ll never stall out again. Learn EXACTLY why you get writer’s block in the first place

Get quick-and-easy solutions to overcome writer’s block wherever and whenever it hits

These techniques don’t just “mask” writer’s block…They completely obliterate it!

Just think about what consistently overcoming writer’s block will do for your career! How would it feel to know you don’t have to worry about writer’s block anymore? How much further will you get in your career if you could consistently overcome writer’s block EVERY time? How much time do you spent staring at a blank computer screen wondering what to write? This one product will free up several hours of your time each year! Get that time back RIGHT NOW!

Bonus #3

Stage Fright to Stage Domination Guide”

How would it feel to jump on stage without a single moment of worry or panic? With the Overcoming Stage Fright Guide you won’t just overcome stage fright… you’ll forget you ever had it!Stage fright isn’t just about whether you get on stage or not. ANY amount of stage fright can kill a performance. Being nervous on stage…

  • Distracts the audience and makes THEM uncomfortable too!
  • Breaks the audience’s trust in the comedian (“Should we even listen to this guy?”)
  • Loses the audience’s attention
  • Interferes with a comedian’s timing
  • Destroys a comedian’s ability to make a connection with the audience
  • Cuts off opportunities for improvisation on stage
  • Makes you less willing to take risks on stage
  • Drastically decreases your chances of success in comedy

Take it from someone who’s gone from crippling stage fright in front of even the smallest crowds to performing in front of over 1000 people without a single worry. Stage comfort instantly improves ALL aspects of your comedy career. This guide will show you EXACTLY how to break free of the fear!

Bonus #4

“Exclusive Comedian Stat Sheets”

What are comedian stats?There are two important stats that every comedian should keep track. PAR VALUE, or Positive Audience Response, is the percentage of laughter you get on stage. It answers the question “How often are they laughing”?

The next is Laughs Per Minute, or LPM’s. This stat shows you the average length of your jokes. It answers the question “How quickly do you get to punch lines?”

That’s some pretty important information!

…but I’m betting you didn’t get into comedy because you “love math.”

My Comedian Stat Sheets Automatically calculate Par Value, LPM’s, & much more. It keeps track of daily and career statistics. It also displays performance records. Let me tell you, if you’re looking for motivation, you simply can’t do any better than seeing your performance records.

But the Comedian Stat Sheets do more than just that…

You can also keep track of marketing efforts.

Again, this is a huge motivator. Keep track of YouTube views, Twitter Followers, Facebook Fans… Whatever marketing you’re trying to improve.

You can also use these sheets to keep track of your industry contact list. That means fellow comedians, bookers, talent agents and managers, and more…

It takes less than a minute to use!

It also contains a place to track your email list.

And it’s searchable too! Say you’re performing in Chicago and want to notify all your fans out there… Simply search Chicago in the city field and it’ll bring up all the names & email address of your fans.

Comedian Stat Sheets are available in Excel, Word, and PDF for easy printing and includes all the formulas so you can easily track your stats whenever you’re away from the computer.

I have one more very special gift for you…

Bonus #5

“Faster & Funnier Audio Program”

What if you could take a comedy class anywhere and listen to it at any time? You can now take all of the lessons and listen to them again and again anywhere you chose.It’s like have a comedy teacher at your beck-and-call 24 hours a day!

We all know that one of the problems with taking a class of any type is that you can’t simply retake the class when you want to get a refresher. Tools and strategies can’t help you unless you can remember them. Science shows that the best way to remember something is through repeat exposure. That’s why we made it so easy to listen to the course over and over again.

You don’t just get one expert class, you get as many as you want!

"Without a doubt the most comprehensive and complete information I've found about stand up comedy"

I've just watched the Faster & Funnier videos for the first time and found them to be very informative and useful. It's without a doubt the most comprehensive and complete information I've found about stand up comedy, though a little bit overwhelming at first, I need to rewatch them for sure.

I've learned so much with this course, thanks a lot for putting together all this information for us. I have found a lot of details in your course that are not covered by others. I also like that you illustrate some topics with examples of actual stand up comedians performing.

Thanks a lot for such quality information.


Patrick Lagoa

Paris, France

"Breaks down exactly what the pro's are doing to get extraordinary results"

Ellery Alexis

From the beginning to the end, Faster and Funnier is in your face about the realities of making your stand-up comedy dreams come true, skipping the pleasant lip-service that won’t further your career and tells it exactly how it is.

This course has brought a new dimension to my understanding of comedy. Jared breaks down exactly what the pros are doing to achieve extraordinary results on stage. I’ve read many stand-up comedy books. Faster & Funnier is the only resource that has given me a deeper understanding of why comedy works and how to use that knowledge to further my career.

Ellery White

Los Angeles Producer, Comedian, & Host


Nick Olivas

“This course offered much insight to the creative mind of the comedian. This information is not only brilliant but also intuitive. Jared's understanding of creativity is mind-blowing. At first, I was skeptical of the "creativity" aspects of his courses, but Jared attacked it from a hard-nosed, scientific perspective that had me agreeing with him every step of the way. More importantly, for the first time ever, "creativity" was something I could control. This course is mandatory for anyone wanting to stand out as a stand-up.”

Nick Olivas
Lewis and Floorwax Show
103.5 Fox FM

Oh, And There’s An Immediate “Out” If You’re Not Satisfied Thanks To My 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Listen, I know you’re skeptical.  You’ve probably read all the books…tried all the courses…and studied all those other comedians and their rules, systems, and formulas.

That’s why I’m offering a 60-day, 100% money back guarantee.  Here’s how it works:

Take action today and claim immediate access to Faster & Funnier.  Watch all the videos, absorb the lessons…even try out some of these secrets when you’re writing more material.

If you don’t think this is the most impactful stand-up comedy course on the planet that’s going to help you put you over the top in the world of stand up comedy then let me know and I’ll offer you an immediate refund.

It could be for any reason…or absolutely NO reason at all.  If you don’t like the color of my socks, you just happened to wake up on the wrong side of the bed or whatever.

Doesn’t matter.

Here’s what this means to you:  there’s no way you can make a mistake here.  Either you’ll absolutely be bowled over regarding this course…or you can request a refund.  Pretty straightforward don’t you think?

money back logo

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t think this is the most impactful stand-up comedy course on the planet that’s going to help you put you over the top in the world of stand up comedy then let me know and I’ll offer you an immediate refund.

"You're My New Hero"

Paula Johnson

You're my new hero!

Faster & Funnier is a much-needed resource for the thousands of comedians (including me!) who need no-nonsense, practical advice for generating ideas, fine-tuning material, overcoming challenges, developing an original style, and mapping out a career.”

-Paula Johnson


Co-Producer, The Joke Gym, Los Angeles

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