Creativity For Comedians Stand-Up Comedy Course

The Mind-Blowing 6-Step Creativity Program That Will Forever Alter Your Career

Would you like…

  • to easily and consistently generate an avalanche of amazingly creative ideas that leave the audience in awe of your originality and leave your competition jealous?
  • to turn creativity from a waiting game into an active pursuit?
  • to be viewed as a one-of-a-kind comedian and separate yourself from the over 100,000 other comedians working today?
  • to do something new and different? Not just be “another comedian” doing the normal “comedian patter” with the audience.
  • to be absolutely unique as a performer?
  • to be the comedian that’s worth remembering long after the show?


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Are You Suffering From…

  • Lack of a fan base – We all know that the size of your fan base directly effects how much money you make it your career. Highly creative comedians draw monumental crowds TO THEM with little effort. Audiences always have (and always will) be drawn to the most creative comedians out there. It doesn’t matter how naturally funny you are, if you’re not HIGHLY creative, you’ll never see your fan base explode.
  • Lack of understanding – Most comedians (and people in general) don’t understand that creativity isn’t fixed trait. Science has shown creativity is a learnable skill. The comedians that combine their comedy knowledge with intense levels of creative thinking are the comedians that have stood the test of time.
  • Lack of Material – Every comedian would love to have even more dynamite material. Comedians that master these creative skills are the ones that consistently produce a new HBO special or DVD every year. Meanwhile, comedians who lack these creative skills are bogged down, relying on the same material the audience has heard before.
  • Lack of focus - being unsure how to create a breakthrough idea pulls you in many different directions at once. Instead of having one intense focus that pulls you towards achieving your goal you end up unsure of even the smallest actions.

I know firsthand because I have suffered them all myself.

The truth is…

The level of thinking that’s got you to where you are

isn’t going to get you to the next level!

Getting to the next level in comedy doesn’t require HARDER thinking… it requires a NEW WAY of thinking. Creativity offers every single comedian a way of breaking out of the competition through differentiating their performances.

If you want to take your career to the next level you need to combine your comedy knowledge with new, higher levels of creativity.

How creative you are will make or break your career! You can leave it up to chance or you can take action by using these scientifically proven, breakthrough skills. Comedians that ignore the importance of creativity will be destined to continually struggle to build a large fan base.

The fact is,

You’re only using a TINY FRACTION of your creative potential!


Here’s the problem…

Most people believe that learning the mechanics of comedy is the end of learning how to be creative… But this is just the beginning!

Nobody wants to spend their day writing material only to end up with nothing to show for it. You spend hours in frustration as each idea fails one by one. You’re not sure what to write, and even if you did you’d be unable to get into a creative flow where ideas come pouring our of you.
While nobody wants to find themselves unable to get past writer’s block, there’s a scenario that’s much more common and much worse…
What if you spend years writing material only to realize that your lack of originality as a performer is costing you fans, gigs, and a ton of money? Even after years of hard work you’d be forced to toss out all your material and start from scratch. This is exactly what Richard Pryor and George Carlin went through before reinventing their careers. What Pryor, Carlin, and many others realized was that…

More of the same never adds up to the best

While you can always increase the quality of your material by simply rewriting, you can’t change how original it is. If you want highly original material that the audience is going to remember long after the show, you have to get started now!

If you’re trying to become the best comedian you can possibly be, you can’t do it by simply attacking your comedy career the same as everyone else. There’s A LOT of talented and motivated comedians out there. That’s not what separates them from the comedy greats.

What separates them is only one factor, how creative they are. The fact is, it doesn’t matter how naturally talented you are or how hard you work, without drawing on high levels of creativity, massive success in stand-up comedy is impossible. This is why every single one of the top 100 comedians of all time (ranked by Comedy Central)  was extremely different from all the others on the list. Before they could create massive success for themselves they had to be DIFFERENT from every other comedian. It was only after they applied a high level of creativity that audience members began to take notice.

The only way to separate yourself from the crowd is to use high levels of creative thinking. If you want to break out of your career then creativity is essential.

Once you learn these powerful techniques …

  • You’ll easily and consistently generate highly creative ideas that leave the audience remembering YOUR set at the end of the night. 
  • Your potential as a comedian is going to increase exponentially. In fact, being able to make the jump from a few paid gigs here and there to massive success in comedy is more often a result of a lack of creativity than any other factor.
  • You will have complete focus. You’ll know exactly how creativity works and be able to zero in on the exact areas that will give you the most benefit in the least amount of time. You’ll no longer be pulled in many different directions while you’re writing.
  • You will no longer worry if you’re creative enough to have a career in stand-up comedy.
  • You will have a deep understanding of what creativity REALLY is, how it works, and how to draw upon massive levels of creativity to generate Earth-shattering ideas that separate you from your competition.
  • You will gain the motivation, momentum and confidence that you need to be highly creative and achieve success in comedy.


On the flip-side, if you do not take the right action before it’s too late, you will likely end up with:

  1. More wasted time and energy
  2. More frustration
  3. More doubt
  4. No direction
  5. And a very high chance of failure


Let me ask you this…

Isn’t it true that 90% of your best material came from only a small fraction of time spent “in the zone?”

What if you could take that creative flow and keep it going throughout your entire career?  Where would your career be if you could consistently generate quality material for 6 months? A year? 10 years? or even 20 years in the future?!

There’s finally away of taking control of your future success…


Introducing Creativity For Comedians

The first ever creativity program designed specifically to enhance comedians’ creativity.

Now you can…

  • Separate yourself from every other comedian working today
  • Generate TONS of high quality material effortlessly and consistently
  • Create material that leaves the audience thinking “I’ve never seen anything like that”
  • Create raving fans that want to go out and tell their friends about YOU!
  • Make far more money

This is the FIRST and ONLY program designed specifically help comedians generate more original material

Audience members don’t remember a comedian because they were a little funnier than the 20 other comedians that saw that night. They remember comedians that are highly original. Original is different.

Different is Worth Talking About

This is an in-depth program. It consists of over 6 hours of action-packed mp3’s that you can load up onto their computer, iPod, or any other mobile device and listen in the car, driving to shows… whenever. Throughout this program you’ll learn exactly how the greatest comedians of all time, comedians like Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Steve Martin, and Rodney Dangerfield have used these exact same strategies to generate highly original ideas that separated them from their peers.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the program…

Module #1


  • Proof that the greatest comedians of all time had their breakthroughs only after using higher levels of creativity.
  • Learn how creativity has benefited the greatest comedians of all time, and how any comedian can use the same principles of creativity to create a career exactly the way they want it.
  • Why success in comedy requires high levels of creativity
  • Why all creativity isn’t equal
  • How to change creativity from a waiting game into an active pursuit
  • Why your fan base will grow exponentially when you apply these creative strategies
  • What this program promises

Module #2

What Is Creativity

In this module we dive deep into what creativity REALLY is and develop a solid foundation.

  • We’ll destroy all the false beliefs and sidestep several “traps” that have been holding you back from reaching your creative potential. These false beliefs are one of the root causes of writer’s block. Once we obliterate these false beliefs, it’ll free to you to stay in a creative flow.
  • Why brainstorming and free-association simply doesn’t work for creativity
  • The neuroscience of creativity: What comedians need to know about how the brain ACTUALLY generates ideas (instead of fighting against ourselves to generate ideas, this will show you exactly how to use the natural system your brain already has in place to generate creative ideas)
  • You’ll also learn several different types of creativity, all with very different outcomes for your career
  • How to take your current knowledge and skills in stand-up comedy and apply greater levels of creativity
  • Why there’s more opportunity to be creative now than any time in the past
  • The requirements of creativity


Module #3

Goals and Outcomes in Creativity

In this module we’ll zero in on our creative outcomes. This outcome will provide massive amounts of focus that will allow you to reach bigger audiences and create raving fans in the least amount of time

  • Learn how great comedians in the past, such as Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Rodney Dangerfield, and Steve Martin created very specific outcomes for their creativity that lead them to massively successful careers.
  • Key components of a creative outcome – learn exactly what qualities your creative ideas should have
  • How audience members view creativity and why they’re so drawn to it
  • 3 strategies to get audience members to see you as an original performer in a sea of other comedians.

This module creates the kind of focus you’ll need if you’re going to make a significant impact in stand-up comedy.


Module #4

Overview of the Creative Process

  • This module will introduce you to a time-tested, scientifically proven process for generating TONS of highly creative, original ideas.
  • Key components of the creative process – how to get the most out of it
  • Using your knowledge, skills, and motivation with creativity
  • Divergent thinking – how to come up with a large number of ideas effortlessly
  • The two over-arching phases of designing a creative idea


Module #5

Priming the Pump – Getting Ready To Create a Creative Idea

This module will teach you how to discover new ideas in need of your creativity and how to break out of “ingrained” thinking, which will help you discover new areas to explore in your career.

  • How to acquire domain-specific knowledge and how the brain reacts to it
  • Developing “intuition” (the mark of an expert in any field)
  • Finding unique skills that can separate you from other comedians
  • Strategies for discovering “problems” in need of a creative solution in comedy
  • The most effective method of uncovering false beliefs and problems in stand-up comedy
  • Judging pre-existing solutions – discovering areas in need of solution and then drilling down to understand the problem more thoroughly
  • Where these problems come from and what they’ll look like
  • The problem with problems – 2 ways we constantly shoot ourselves in the foot when dealing with a problem


Module #6

Problem Solving

This module will teach you a 3-step process for generating highly novel, entertaining ideas.

  • Hone your observational skills – Learning to observe the world around you
  • How your imagination lets you down and exact strategies for overcoming the drawbacks
  • Exactly how to start the creative process. Use these techniques any time to start the creative ideas flowing
  • How to strip observations down and use them to generate solutions
  • How to combine ideas together to form something new, unique, valuable, and highly creative
  • Strategies for using your brain’s conscious processing power to generate ideas
  • Strategies for using your subconscious to create more original ideas
  • How to work with the natural system your brain uses to generate creative ideas


Module #7

Creative Insight

This module will teach you how to listen to your subconscious and generate an initial creative spark. Drawing on the power of your subconscious brain has been a creative technique for thousands of years. This cutting-edge research will teach you exactly how to tease those highly original ideas out of you subconscious and get them on stage.

  • Finding your “ah-ha” moment – exact strategies for discovering the perfect solution
  • How to quite your conscious brain long enough to hear your subconscious’ ideas
  • Methods for communicating with your subconscious – Learn how your subconscious communicates with you and how to use it’s powerful computing power to create  more effective ideas.
  • Decoding your subconscious’ communications


Module #8


This stage will teach you what to look for in a creative idea of any kind, how to judge creative ideas, and how to analyze ideas to find “golden nuggets.” This module really takes an initial creative insight and teaches you how to find the best ideas within your original idea and expand on them while eliminating the ideas that hold less value, leaving only the most high quality ideas.

  • How to evaluate your creative ideas – a step-by-step process for analyzing your idea
  • How to get the most out of evaluation – the key components of effective evaluation
  • Making positive and negative judgments on your creative idea
  • Exactly what to evaluate your creative idea for – strategies for accurately evaluating your ideas
  • The “trap” of evaluating the wrong way – how to sidestep the trap
  • Getting specific in our evaluations – how to zero in on your creative idea to find new areas to explore
  • Changing your point-of-view to accurately evaluate your idea.


Module #9


This module will teach you how to take your original spark and flesh out the idea into multiple ideas by continually improving upon them. This is where your creative idea goes from a single idea into an entire performance.

  • Fleshing out your creative idea – taking a single idea and turning it into an entire bit or performance
  • Extending the idea even further – how to combine your new idea with even more idea generation
  • Layering complexity onto our idea – taking “generic” material and elaborating on it to give your material “more flavor”


Module #10


This module goes over how to implement an idea and how creative ideas spread through society. You’ll learn how creative ideas spread through society and how to use that information to zero in on the most influential audience members to help you build a HUGE fan base.

  • Getting our creative idea out into the world
  • How to implement BIG ideas – what do you do when an idea is bigger than simply “throwing it on stage”
  • The process of implementing an idea – exact steps you can use to get a better response from the audience
  • Getting feedback – learn multiple sources of feedback on your idea and several obstacles that can lead you astray
  • How audiences and society accept creative ideas  – strategies you can use to have your ideas spread quicker and be accepted more often
  • The 5 types of audience members and how to use each one to expand your fan base


Module #11

The Next Step

The concluding module teaches you how to take all this information and make intense levels of creativity an everyday habit.

  • Making YOUR impact on the industry – Using the creative process to differentiate yourself from your competition
  • How to apply these strategies in your everyday creative life as a comedian (and outside comedy as well)
  • Making creativity a habit – Exact strategies you can use to train your brain to make creativity natural and effortless



So Who Am I?

Jared Volle My name is Jared Volle.I’ve been an improvisational comedian since 6th grade and a stand-up comedian since 2005.

Like any passionate comedian, I studied stand-up comedy inside and out. I read books, took seminars, took comedy classes… you name it. I first started studying creativity several years into my comedy career.

I didn’t learn creativity to “become” creative… I learned it to increase the creativity that I already had.

  • In 2010, I began teaching creativity and innovation at Colorado Free University. In my class I’ve taught these same principles to a wide variety of students.
  • In 2012, I began teaching creativity seminars online.
  • In 2012, I began working one-on-one with businesses to increase the creativity of their employees
  • I’m currently pursuing a Master’s in Creativity & Innovation at Drexel University, the top creativity program in the United States.

Having an extensive background in both comedy and creativity makes me uniquely qualified to help comedians increase their creativity to separate themselves from their competition. My passion is the intersection of science and art. I never teach anything that is not supported by researches world wide. All the tools and strategies I teach have been used by countless creative people with massive success.

The Creativity For Comedians Audio Program will allow you to…

  • Earn money – Being highly creative in your stand-up comedy means that you’ll differentiate yourself to the audience. You won’t just be “another comedian.” Your fan base is going to grow exponentially as a result of your increased creativity and differentiation. As your fan base grows, so does the number of gigs you book and the fees you can charge for each gig.
  • Generate more original ideas – Consistently create ideas that separate you from your competition. The Faster & Funnier Creativity For Comedians Program consists of ACTIONABLE strategies that you can apply at any point to generate novel ideas.
  • Generate a higher NUMBER of ideas. We’re not just talking a few more. You’ll be able to repeat this creative process over and over again to generate original idea after original idea. No more “not knowing what to write.” What would your career look like if you could CONSISTENTLY generate both a large QUANTITY and high QUALITY ideas throughout your entire career?
  • Be more creative OUTSIDE comedy – While the course is specifically designed for comedians, everything in the program can be used to increase your creativity in any area of your life, whether you want to be more creative in art, business, or science. This program won’t just increase your creativity in comedy… it’ll change your creativity in every area of your life.

Why is the program completely different from learning stand-up comedy?

All creativity is  made up of 3 separate areas.

  1. “Domain-specific knowledge”
  2. “Creativity-relevant skills”
  3. “Task motivation”

If you’ve ever taken a stand-up comedy class, read a “how to write stand-up comedy” book, or taken a comedy seminar, you learned tons of information about what it takes to be a comedian. You’ve learned how to write setups and punchlines, how to work the mic, how to perform, etc. This is all knowledge that is very specific to the stand-up comedy industry. While this information is absolutely vital to your comedy success, it’s only ONE piece of the puzzle.

The Creativity For Comedians Program focuses SOLELY on the second area of creativity, creativity-relevant skills. These skills make up the general thought processes that individuals in all fields go through in order to generate creative ideas.

There is absolutely NO overlap between what comedy teachers teach and this program. This program is a new, complementary set of skills for your comedy career.

What Others Have Said About Past Creativity Classes

Here are some of the actual reviews I’ve gotten teaching these strategies at Colorado Free University…

Jared’s passion for the subject of creativity is exceptional. He is, to his core, a creative person. That creativity certainly shows up in his comedy work, but it has shone through even stronger in his work on the topic of creativity. When Jared first proposed his class on creativity he sent me a very extensive outline. I was impressed with the thoroughness and depth of his research as well the connections he was making between disparate areas of study. His ability to synthesize a wide variety of research and see patterns and extract common themes was extraordinary.

Helen Hand, President of Colorado Free University

I really enjoyed this class, and realized I could look at problem-solving and thinking creatively quite differently than in the past. Realizing that I am already naturally creative, and that many of the most seemingly innovative inventions were ideas that were existing already, just applied from another genre. Jared’s teaching was clear and informative, as well as highly entertaining- he really knows his stuff.

- Pamela Grace, CFU student

This was the best and most important class I have taken. Learning how to create is the single most important topic one can take to aid in living one’s life. Jared’s presentation is highly organized and comprehensive. I recommend this class to anyone wanting to leave the ‘box’ of being a victim and start participating in one’s own life.

- John Marquard, CFU student

“Jared is an excellent teacher. His analytical skills balance his creativity very well.”

“I liked his style and how he put people at ease and worked through their fears. I learned to let go.”

“Very animated, exciting presenter.”

“Absolutely outstanding.”


Free Bonus!

Creative Techniques

This bonus module walks you through 18 creativity techniques that you can apply at any moment  to any situation to generate highly original ideas. These techniques can be used at any time to help you…

  • Develop a deep understanding of creative problems
  • Build off of what’s worked in the past
  • Find your “unique selling point” (why audience members would choose YOU over any other comedian)
  • Identify factors that are critical for your success
  • Find your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in your career
  • Find areas where you’ll get more results in the least amount of time
  • Teach your subconscious to generate ideas
  • A daily workout for creating ideas
  • A technique for finding false beliefs and adopting a new, empowering belief system
  • Identify your challenge
  • Change perspective
  • Find new, more original combinations for ideas
  • Get the best of both words – turning negatives into HUGE positives
  • An problem solving technique that draws on intuition
  • Decode your dreams
  • Communicate with your subconscious
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Explore alternative ideas using SCAMPER to revise your material

90-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!!!

No Questions Asked

As with all our courses and services, if for ANY REASON you want your money back you’ll get every penny. Even if your reason is “I really love this product… but I don’t have enough money in my bank account.” And you can keep the bonus guides free as my thanks for trying my program. The only way you’ll lose money is if you don’t take this offer and struggle for years trying to figure all this out on your own. Your time is valuable, don’t waste it slowly learning the lessons you could master almost immediately.

  Remember that this program…

  • Has nothing to do with building more stand-up comedy knowledge. The program is designed so that there’s absolutely NO OVERLAP between what comedy teachers teach in their classes and what this program teaches. It’ll be 100% new information that helps you take the information you already learned and combine it with new, higher levels of creativity.
  • Works for every single type of comedian at every single level of the industry. You won’t outgrow this class. It’ll be just as applicable to you today as 10 or 20 years in the future.
  • It works OUTSIDE of the comedy industry as well. No matter what field you want to be creative in, this program will help you generate TONS of highly original ideas quickly with a process that’s easily repeatable.
  • Is solely about taking your current knowledge of stand-up and increasing your creativity

P.S. – This program is a completely new, complementary set of skills for your comedy career. There’s no overlap with the classes and books you’ve read.