Our Philosophy

Jared Volle

Stand-up comedy, above all, is a creative art-form. Success in comedy isn’t a result of putting your head down and writing more jokes or getting more stage time. It’s about becoming meaningfully different from other comedians while maximizing laughs on stage. It’s about standing out of the crowd and giving audience members a reason to remember you long after the show.

Jared Volle

Everything we practice and preach in Faster & Funnier and Creativity For Comedians is built on our core philosophy. This means Faster & Funnier and Creativity For Comedians are laser-focused on helping you achieve your ultimate goal: an artistically and financially successful career as a stand-up comedian.

What We Stand For

  • Strategies that make you completely unique as a writer and performer
  • Principles that lead to a HUGE fan-base
  • Training that brings the fun and creativity back into writing and performing comedy
  • The principles that lead to artistic and financial success

What We Reject

  • Short-term focused training that results in being stuck performing open-mic gigs the rest of your life
  • "Rule-based" comedy writing systems that take all the creativity and fun out of writing. Comedy is more than a list of joke formulas!
  • "Connect-the-dots" writing systems & tactics that result in boring, hacky material

How We're Different

CreativeStandUp is different in two very important ways: We get different results and I get the results differently.

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    We Get Different Results

    Tons of comedy courses and teachers teach comedians the same old, tired tricks. A typical 8 or 16 week course will teach you how to write traditionally-structured setups and punchlines that can get some laughs. These courses are setup for one purpose: Get new comedians from Point A (zero knowledge about comedy) to Point B (performing an acceptable set on an open mic). Instead, we take a step back and teach core fundamentals for high-level success in comedy (Point C) while giving you the tools and strategies to thrive at every stage of your career. These principles are just as applicable to an open-mic venues as they are to theaters and stadiums.

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    We Get Results Differently

    Our method is designed to set you on a path toward becoming a highly unique performer from day 1. Instead of loading comedians down with dozens of "joke types" that end up creating writer's block and stripping the fun out of writing, we developed a "stage-model" of writing in which comedians are guided through various stages that result in material that is more authentic (creating massive rapport with the audience), easier to write (less writer's block), more fun (less rules), and lead to increased levels of creativity and uniqueness. This method is both rigid enough to give new comedians a concrete path toward writing and performing their first set, yet flexible enough to allow maximum creativity. These strategies can be used throughout your entire career.

Our Method

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    Create a Foundation For Ultimate Success

    Create a solid foundation in comedy that is based on what the best comedians in the world have done at key stages in their career… not on what simply gets laughs on an open mic night.

  • 2

    Get On Stage Quickly

    Receive step-by-step training on how to write and perform stand-up comedy early in your career using a system that has been specifically developed to align with how great comedians write and structure their material.

  • 3

    Become a unique, memorable voice in the industry

    Break away from the herd and stand out. After mastering the basic principles of writing and performing you'll learn how to apply these principles in new, memorable ways that set you apart and make your performances more memorable.

  • 4

    Financial & Artistic Success

    Become a highly paid, sought-after comedian that can command top dollar for gigs. By consistently taking creative actions you're material and performances will become increasingly unique until there simply isn't a single comedian in the world that can offer what you offer. You'll become known for your unique style and audiences will pay premium prices to watch you shows because they'll know that what you offer could never be found elsewhere.